Welcome to the Swedish Lagotto Romagnolo Club, the Swedish breed club for the Italian curly truffle-dog Lagotto Romagnolo!

The first Lagotto arrived in Sweden from Italy in 1995 and the first litter was born in 1996. The breed club SLRK was founded in the year 2000. Today we have approx. 900 members. The club arranges a popular event – the Raduno (club exhibition) and issues a periodical, called ”LagottoNytt” (translates LagottoNews). We also arrange lectures and discussion forums for members and breeders, activities for our dogs, including truffle hunts, obedience competitions, agility, MH etc and social gatherings in connection to some of the events.

July 5, 2008 we are very proud in welcoming more than 200 Lagotti from around the world to our Circuit-exhibition: World Dog Lagotto Romagnolo Show in association with the World Dog Show in Stockholm.

There are almost 3 500 Lagotti registered in Sweden and about 100 breeders, which makes Sweden the only country in the world with even more registered Lagotti and breeders outside the country of origin.

On our website you will find information about our lovely breed and we also regularily present updates regarding the work of the club and news of the Lagotto world. As a member you will receive the periodical ”LagottoNytt” (in Swedish) with 4 issues a year, including a comprehensive Yearbook. We welcome you to our site! Please enjoy!

Aims of the club:

SLRK is a breed club which is associated with the Swedish Kennel Club (FCI-approved).

The aims of the club are to conserve specific breed interests by promoting breeding of mentally and physically healthy, purebred dogs with an exterior adequatelly suited to the breed standard, conservation and development of specific breed traits, working for generating practical use of the breed and through information about the breed behavior, its training and care.

SLRK’s continuous work for achieving the aims are: The annual Activity days, Raduno (the club exhibition) and articles in the club publications. All the voluntary staff in the club board, committees and activity contacts also do their best for promoting the breed and take part in the breed development and improvement.

The translation of the site information into English, will continuously increase, so please welcome back!

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